Benefits Offered by the Bank of America And American Express

American Express is one of the largest banks in the United States. In that way, it is very popular among the cardholders as they can trust their funds to the company. At the same time, it offers numerous benefits and being a client of American Express is not only comfortable but also, in many cases, beneficial.

American Express has two types of rewards:

  • Membership Rewards
  • Card Rewards and Benefits

Those, who have a plastic card of the American Express bank become members of the rewards system. They get points while purchasing goods and services both online and offline by using their card.











The points from American Express can be used for paying the dinner, booking a flight, or getting a gift card. It is an extremely beneficial programme because its members get valuable rewards only for being clients of the bank. The best thing about points is that they can be used anywhere: while shopping, during the travel, for covering the charges, and even by donating to charity.

Card rewards and benefits include various gifts like discounts in the shops, restaurants, and while paying for different services online. Moreover, it also includes special campaigns during which the clients can win tickets for a concert, in the theater, and so on. In that way, it is evident that the bonuses offered by the American Express are extremely valuable and profitable for its clients.

Bank of America also has various benefits offered to its clients. The company offers different types of plastic cards that will bring their owner valuable rewards. The Cash Rewards credit card would be a perfect option for those, who make a lot of purchases as it allows to receive 1% cash back while making all kinds of purchases and up to 3% during the specific expenditures.

Travel Rewards credit card is a perfect option for travelers as it multiplies the number of the received points per each dollar spend abroad. It also offers various discounts for such necessary issues like booking a flight and a hotel, renting a car, and different baggage fees. It helps you save money during the foreign transactions and in that way, it is really useful for travelers.

Other card offered by the Bank of America also have various bonuses and rewards, which give each client a possibility to choose something suitable and of course the most profitable one. It is also necessary to remember about the bonus points that are extremely valuable as they can be used as a payment for different goods and services and also can be used as gift cards or discounts.

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