What Type of Card is More Reliable?

When new technologies arrive, it is natural that most people hesitate to use them, doubting their reliability. There are still discussions what cards – traditional magnetic or PayPass – are more reliable.

PayPass vs. Magnetic Card

PayPass is a modern non-contact technology of payment with which you can make purchases in one touch. It is enough to bring a plastic with the PayPass logo to the chip and pin machine at the checkout and the purchase will be paid. Various banks offer a number of different cards that use this innovative technology.

PayPass allows you to quickly pay for small purchases as you do not have to transfer the plastic card to the cashier or wait for the rest. Moreover, it is safer to always keep it by yourself as it decreases the possibility of a theft. Also, PayPass technology often does not require a PIN so it is also a contribution to security as no one can have a sneak peek at it.

It is evident that the plastic with the PayPass technology has such benefits as simplicity in use and time-saving. At the same time, it is safer as no one will touch your property. Moreover, PayPass are flexible as they also have a usual magnetic strip so that you could use our card even in that situation when there is no special payment terminal.

There is an opinion that the PayPass could be falsified by reading off the data from it. However, such cards have special technologies that protect them. To confirm each transaction, it is necessary to use a unique code that depends on the time and place of the transaction, the amount of the transaction, and other parameters. In such situation, the interception of data is useless because this information can not be used to confirm other transactions.

Despite the systems of protection of PayPass technologies, it is possible to extract card number and expiration date. Sometimes it is enough to possess this information for carrying out transactions and making a clone with a magnetic stripe. In addition, the history of operations on the plastic could be also available to hackers, including the exact amount of money and the dates of transactions. Based on these data, one can accurately predict the balance on the account.

In spite all of the possible disadvantages, it is necessary to remember that PayPass is a modern technology that is protected and it is not easy at all to steal the data from them. MasterCard has a multileveled system of protection for all its PayPass and the cardholders can be completely confident that their money is safe. In that way, it is reasonable to have the PayPass plastic because of its convenience.

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