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TNL AntiSpam
TNL Antispam will check your POP3 Email box and weed through your incoming mail messages. There are several processes that TNL antispam uses to eliminate spam from your inbox. Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000

GroupMAN (Group Manager) functions as a list-server program and makes it easy to create and manage both announcement mailing lists and interactive discussions on your Windows PC.
GroupMAN is unique because it’s designed to work from your personal electronic- mail address, as opposed to dedicated accounts on a list server. To use Groupman, you don’t even need a dedicated mail server — all you need is access to a POP3 server (which comes with virtually every Internet-access account) and some version of Windows. Setting up GroupMAN is as easy as setting up a regular mail program. Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000

CaptureMAX is the newest member of the TNL Total Solutions software lineup.   CaptureMAX is a fully featured professional webcam application that will work with most webcams or any windows video device.  Automatically send images to your website, create videos, add text overlays to and/or add time and date to your images.

This intuitive Windows based application is easy to use and has configuration options to fit almost any webcam need.
Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000 – 34.95 USD More Info in

You’ve seen them, and you’ve probably wondered how your product would do if it could be sold directly through the internet. Now is your chance to find out. TNL TechCart makes an on-line web store an easy reality. One of the most powerful on-line stores ever created, yet simplistic enough for even the
novice to set-up and maintain
Unix/Linux – Starts At $249.95 USD More Info in

Perl Scripting Tool Pro
After a year and a half of beta testing with thousands of programmers using it and sending comments, we have pulled together the most wanted and most needed features that our beta testers have demanded.  Perl Scripting Tool was originally developed for in-house use to help with quick turn arounds with the multitude of perl projects we are faced with daily.  After much demand we released our first public beta and proceeded to develop the product based on the perl communities feedback
Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000
Feature Limit Demo // $69.95 USD More Info in

AuthorizeNet To QuickBooks
Import your AuthorizeNet transactions directly into QuickBooks 97,98,2000 or 2001. Ideal for use with TechCart’s AuthorizeNet Batch Upload Module.

This intuitive Windows based application is easy to use and highly configurable. Completely automate your online commerce efforts.
Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000 – 10.95 USD
No Longer Available

TechOrder Order Sytem
AuthorizeNET Compatible
TechOrder is a complete ordering solution for merchants who don’t need a full-blown shopping cart because they aren’t selling a large line of products. TechOrder is ideal for selling services, subscriptions and large ticket items.

TechOrder offers many of the same features as some of the more expensive shopping cart systems out there while maintaining a simple and easy to use administration and configuration area. The entire system can be installed and configured in under 5 minutes.
Unix/Linux – $69.95 USD More Info in

TNL Web Survey
TNL Web Survey provides an easy way to conduct online surveys and market research. Running surveys on the internet takes feedback to another level. When a survey is taken online, it is much cheaper then sending individuals out to ask questions, and does not require thousands of question sheets to be printed. Online surveys are usually taken in private, which allows people to more expressive with their responses. As the data is collected on computer, it is easy to process, analize and utilize the information.
Unix/Linux – $34.95 USD More Info in

TNL FTP Client
After much demand, TNL Total Solutions is happy to release the FTP Client that is included with Perl Scripting Tool as a FREE stand alone application.  This feature-rich FTP Client makes FTP a snap.
Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000 – FREE More Info in

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